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Proposed COVID-19 Plan Subsidizes COBRA Coverage Through Sept. 2021

With the pandemic rolling into year #2, the Biden Administration has included in the most recent Covid-19 Relief Bill a subsidy to help Cobra eligible employees pay their premiums through September 2021. With many losing their jobs, or enough hours that they lose their benefit eligibility, this subsidy would be a welcome sight for those that need access to healthcare without cost being too great a barrier.

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If passed, the COBRA subsidy would impact both employees and employers:

  • For employees, this proposal serves as a significant lifeline to maintaining health plan coverage—especially important during a dangerous pandemic.

  • For employers, laid-off employees would still have access to the organization’s health plan—and possibly at no cost to the employer or the worker, depending on how the legislation is written.

The whole idea is short on details...for instance...with the subsidy cover some...or all of the cost for Cobra?

More to come!!

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