Senior Insurance | Medicare

You have spent all your life paying for Medicare and the day has finally arrived that you can benefit from it! Congratulations, I am proud to tell you that the coverage now available to you is some of the best you have ever had.


There are 4 parts to Medicare you will need to be familiar with:


Part A:

Medicare Part A covers 80% of all inpatient hospital needs.

Part B:

Medicare Part B covers 80% of outpatient medical needs.

Part C:

Medicare Part C is called Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage is very similar to the HMO or PPO networks you are familiar with from employer-sponsored coverage.

Part D:

Medicare Part D is prescription drug coverage for seniors. Part D coverage is required even if you do not take any medications.

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A Senior Insurance and Medicare policy is an effective way to take control of your health insurance needs.


The best way to feel good about this control is to work with an expert…

We have two experts for you: Amie and Shirley.

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Amie Eckstrom

Individual and Medicare Insurance Broker

Amie works directly with individuals, families and Medicare-eligible individuals to find the plan that best meets their benefit, financial and doctor-network needs. She spends hours researching plans and guiding the people who need it most through access-to-care obstacles. And she does it all with a big smile.



Shirley Sankey

Individual and Medicare Insurance Broker

Shirley works with individuals, families, and Medicare-eligible individuals to find the best plan. She tackles the painstaking research into doctor availability and prescription drug formularies with ease. Her motto: Clients always come first.