An individual insurance policy is an effective way to take control of your health insurance needs.

There are many different plans with a wide array of benefit options. Choosing the best policy for you and/or your family is a daunting task to take all alone. An experienced agency like Hammett Health can be an indispensable asset to you. As a former sales executive for Blue Shield of Califonia’s Individual & Family plan department, Bill Hammett has a mastery of the options.

Health Status:

With individual and family plans there is medical underwriting and it is possible that your health history might disqualify you from a policy. Getting a decline, while not detrimental, would not be a good mark on your health records. Make sure you discuss with an agent any health concerns you have to determine if an application should be submitted.


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Who should apply for an individual plan?

  • Self-Employed

  • Working for a company that does not offer benefits

  • Early retiree

  • Employer pays for employee coverage…but not for dependants

  • COBRA enrollees

  • Between jobs

At Hammett Health we have access to every plan and every rate as well as the expertise to help you make an informed decision. The prices you will see on our website are identical as the ones you will find on any other site, including the insurance companies directly. Our added value is a dedicated person to review your application and make sure all information is complete and accurate before submission to the insurance company. This same person will work with the insurance company and communicate with you on a consistent basis until the application is complete and ID cards are in hand.

“Bill Hammett is a pro’s pro. We have worked with Hammett Health as a business and individual customer for the last 5 years. Personally, Bill has provided our family with invaluable assistance obtaining competitive health insurance options; both my husband and I have saved thousands of dollars in premium expense as a direct result of the consultative assistance received from Bill and his staff. We enthusiastically recommend Hammett Health”