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Join 100s of other California HR managers, CEOs and owners who are now fully informed and empowered to make the best choices for their companies

Easily navigate the

ever-changing world of healthcare

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Committed to helping you understand the process and your employees understand their benefits. Because educated employees are happy employees. And happy employees create a successful workplace.

Never worry about

compliance again

The pros and cons of each plan, live trainings by lawyers and expert Human Resource advisors, 100s of recorded webinars on all things HR, legal and ACA compliance. And an online library with 1000s of resources. Even if it’s 3 a.m. – or 6 months ‘til enrollment.
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Integrated HR Support

Live help when you need it.
Call, chat or email with a qualified HR professional who can answer your questions.


“An employee faced a health crisis that threatened to bankrupt him. We knew we needed to think outside the box and that’s just what Hammett Health did. Bill found a plan that was best for our company…but it cut him out. He transitioned us from our plan with skyrocketing premiums to our new one, knowing he wasn’t going to be the broker of record. It was the right thing to do but not many would’ve done it. Our employee got through the crisis, we got a better policy and the company saved lots of money, and since we do profit sharing, our employees benefitted too. People talk about ethics and values, but Bill practices it. We’ll never forget it.
Loren Hanson, Principal, Fusion Sign and Design

No more confusion about plans,

how they work or what they cover

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Monthly communication with important information; a cheat sheet with group numbers and phone/web resources; a carefully curated 8-month post-enrollment education series; in-person, online and recorded Open Enrollment Meetings exploring benefits; and the online help center means employees always have access to answers about choosing a doctor, getting an ID card, downloading the smartphone app, filing a claim and more.

That way your employees never feel like they’re trying to figure out the system on their own, which means they have a better healthcare experience.

Be confident insurance companies

will live up to their promises

20 years’ experience building relationships in the industry, 15+ years serving on boards and a decade of lobbying elected officials means we know how insurance companies work…and the hoops they make you jump through. We know how to turn no into yes, in a way other agents simply can’t. Now, employees have someone in their corner and you have a happier and more productive workplace with less HR/Employee interactions and less time spent going back and forth over claims. Win-win.
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“Hearing Bill’s several well-thought out options, it was apparent he’d done his homework on my needs, reviewed my past packages, and come to our meeting ready to improve my package and reduce my costs.”

Rich Warfield, President, Personalized Property Management Company

When it comes to benefits,

you’re really shopping for your broker

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With the same access to benefits and rates, it’s the level of service, expertise and integrity that delivers a best-in-class, employee-benefit experience to your most important asset: your people.

Your broker should understand your industry, be committed to educating you and your employees about the healthcare industry and find the best plan for you, even if that means going with another company
Casual Business Meeting

“I know I’m one of many clients; but I don’t want to feel like one of many…”

In the past we were ignored by our brokers, only hearing and seeing them once a year. Bill made sure we were part of the Hammett Health family: he checks in when new laws are going through, which is so very helpful. Any question, no matter how small or big, I can call into him or his team and get help with whatever I need. It's hard to find someone who’s truly looking out for you, your company and employees but Bill and Hammett Health do it and it’s a fantastic feeling  
Anjie Juarez, Office Controller, Rick's RV Centers
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