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As pandemic emergencies end, some patients with long COVID feel 'swept under the rug'

Long COVID patients face significant emotional and financial struggles, including lost careers, broken marriages, and feelings of dismissal by policymakers. The condition, affecting millions, manifests in various physical and mental health issues, with over 200 symptoms linked to long COVID. Despite being non-contagious, the condition profoundly impacts daily life, leading to limitations in activities and severe debilitation. While antivirals show promise in prevention, medical science lags in treatment for those already affected. Three patients, including Shelby Hedgecock, Julia Landis, and Linda Rosenthal, share their experiences battling long COVID, highlighting the diverse and debilitating nature of the condition. Click here for article.

  • Long COVID patients endure emotional and financial hardships, feeling abandoned by policymakers and struggling with lost careers and relationships.

  • The condition affects millions, with over 200 symptoms ranging from physical debilitation to mental health issues.

  • Patients face severe limitations in daily activities, with some experiencing debilitating symptoms that profoundly impact their quality of life.

  • While antivirals offer hope for prevention, treatment options for those already affected remain limited, leaving patients frustrated and struggling to find appropriate care.

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