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Why Job Ghosting Candidates is Bad for Business

"Ghosting" in the job market, where employers fail to respond to applicants, has become increasingly common and damaging to employer brands. Job ghosting can occur at any stage of the hiring process, from initial application to final stages. Click here for article.

  • Impact of Job Ghosting:

  • Damages employer brand and reflects poorly on company culture.

  • Affects applicant perception of workplace environment and potential as customers.

  • Can lead to negative feedback on social media and reduce employee referrals.

  • How to Keep Applicants in the Loop:

  • Utilize candidate relationship management (CRM) or applicant tracking system (ATS) software for automated communication.

  • Provide clear communication about the hiring process and timeframe expectations.

  • Offer feedback and personalized communication, especially for late-stage rejections.

  • Late-Stage Applicant Etiquette:

  • Reach out by phone or personalized communication for rejections in final stages.

  • Check for technical issues before assuming ghosting, and attempt to reach candidates through other channels.

  • Crafting a Harmonious Hiring Process:

  • Focus on creating a positive candidate experience from start to finish.

  • Use interactions with job seekers to reinforce a positive image of the company.

  • Collect feedback from candidates to improve recruitment strategies and show that their experience is valued.

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