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What Will HR Focus on in 2023?

HR leaders are facing significant disruption, with shrinking timelines for planning and action amid increasing imperatives. Gartner conducted a survey of over 800 HR leaders to identify the top 5 priorities for HR in 2023. These priorities include leader and manager effectiveness, organizational design and change management, employee experience, recruiting, and the future of work. Click here for article.

  • Leader and Manager Effectiveness: 60% of HR leaders prioritize this area, recognizing the need for leaders to be more authentic, empathetic, and adaptive. However, traditional approaches to leadership development may not address the emotional barriers holding leaders back.

  • Organizational Design and Change Management: With digital transformations and economic uncertainty, 53% of HR leaders prioritize this area. Employees are becoming more resistant to change, necessitating HR's support in navigating change and mitigating its impact.

  • Employee Experience: 47% of HR leaders prioritize improving the employee experience, as many struggle to identify compelling career paths for employees. HR needs to create best-fit careers for employees as work experience evolves.

  • Recruiting: 46% of HR leaders prioritize recruiting, recognizing the competition for talent and the need for intelligence-based sourcing, equitable internal labor markets, and engaging onboarding processes.

  • Future of Work: 42% of HR leaders prioritize developing a future of work strategy, recognizing that workforce planning needs to anticipate future talent needs amidst shifting skills, talent scarcity, and high turnover.

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