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Voters Prevail In Missouri: 275,000 To Gain Access To Health Care

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that 275,000 low-income individuals in the state are eligible for publicly-funded health care under Medicaid expansion. This follows a successful ballot amendment passed by voters last August, despite the legislature's refusal to implement it. The court unanimously decided that the amendment did not require lawmakers to appropriate funds immediately. Governor Mike Parson withdrew federal paperwork for enrollment in May, but advocates hope the ruling will expedite implementation. Click here for article.

  • Missouri Supreme Court rules 275,000 low-income individuals eligible for Medicaid expansion, despite legislature's refusal to implement it.

  • Ballot amendment passed by voters last August made adults aged 19-65 eligible if they make 133% of the federal poverty level.

  • Amendment prohibits state from enacting work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

  • Court decision does not immediately grant access to benefits, but advocates hope it will expedite implementation.

  • Missouri Budget Project president hopes expansion will be implemented quickly, citing health and economic benefits seen in other states.

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