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US Workers Content with PTO But Rarely Use It All

Most U.S. workers are satisfied with their employer’s paid time off (PTO) and vacation policies, but 75% still do not use their maximum allowed PTO, according to a Harris Poll survey. Click here for article.

  • A Harris Poll survey found that 60% of U.S. workers have more than 10 paid days off per year, and 7% have unlimited PTO, yet 75% do not exhaust their PTO.

  • Pressure to be available and heavy workloads are the primary reasons for not taking more PTO; 60% of respondents struggle to disconnect, with 86% checking emails and 56% taking work-related calls during time off.

  • Nearly half of the workers feel guilty about taking time off, contributing to the annual resurfacing issue of untaken vacation days, even when PTO is available.

  • The survey revealed that 76% of workers wish their workplace cultures placed more emphasis on the value of taking regular breaks and utilizing PTO.

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