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UnitedHealth paid ransom in Change Healthcare cyberattack, says patient data was compromised

UnitedHealth Group confirmed paying a ransom to cyberthreat actors following a cyberattack on its subsidiary, Change Healthcare, compromising personal information of millions of customers. The company is cooperating with law enforcement and cybersecurity firms in the investigation and has launched support measures for affected individuals, including free identity theft protections and credit monitoring. Click here for article.

  • Ransom Payment: UnitedHealth Group disclosed paying a ransom to protect patient data compromised in the cyberattack on Change Healthcare, but did not specify the amount.

  • Data Compromise: Files containing protected health information and personally identifiable information were accessed by cyberthreat actors, potentially affecting a substantial proportion of Americans.

  • Impact on Patients: Change Healthcare facilitates billions of transactions annually, meaning even non-UnitedHealth customers could be affected. However, no evidence suggests access to doctors' charts or full medical histories.

  • Support Measures: UnitedHealth Group has launched a call center providing free identity theft protections and credit monitoring for two years. However, individual data impact details cannot be provided due to the ongoing complexity of the data review.

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