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Top 21 Websites for HR Professionals

CLICK HERE for a great read for any HR Professional - The Top 21 Websites for HR Pros. Nobody has all the answers, but with the right resources we can be in a position to FIND all the answers…this article contains some great websites you should consider pinning to your favorites, such as:

  • GenesisHR Solutions:  helpful articles on many of the most important HR topics, plus a host of free guides and resources for small businesses.

  • TLNT: job board, webinars, and live events for talent management professionals.

  • FairyGodBoss: hub for career connections, job searching, community advice, and virtual events, and it’s tailored especially for women.

  • TalentCulture: articles, webinars, and ebooks, but also a weekly podcast called #WorkTrends is a great way for the HR pro with a commute and an affinity for podcasts!

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