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Top 16 Applicant Tracking Systems 2024

Recruitment and talent acquisition processes can be streamlined using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), which automates workflows and integrates with job boards and career sites. To help hiring managers and recruiters choose the best ATS for their needs, thorough research was conducted on hundreds of applicant tracking systems to identify the top 16 for 2024. Each system offers unique features to manage recruitment activities effectively. Click here for article.

List of the Best 16 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2024:

  1. Greenhouse: Known for flexibility and user-friendly interface, offering tools for sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding.

  2. BambooHR: An all-in-one HR software with an integrated ATS, popular for its simplicity and affordability.

  3. ClearCompany: A talent management platform with end-to-end recruitment solutions, including performance management and onboarding.

  4. Recruitee: A cloud-based ATS designed to simplify the hiring process with customizable career pages and robust reporting tools.

  5. Teamtailor: Emphasizes employer branding and candidate experience, offering visually appealing career sites and social media recruitment tools.

  6. Manatal: An AI-driven ATS leveraging machine learning for candidate sourcing and matching, suitable for companies of all sizes.

  7. Ashby: Designed for fast-growing companies with customizable workflows and collaborative hiring tools.

  8. Pinpoint: Focuses on improving collaboration and communication within recruitment teams, with an intuitive interface and automation tools.

  9. VidCruiter: Specializes in video interviewing and screening for remote hiring and assessing candidates' soft skills.

  10. Lever: Offers tools for managing job postings, sourcing candidates, and conducting interviews, with a built-in CRM system for candidate relationships.

  11. Trakstar: Known for its user-friendly interface and customizable workflows, with AI-driven candidate matching and analytics tools.

  12. Zoho CRM Applicant Tracking System: Provides end-to-end hiring solutions with cloud-based applicant tracking and intuitive recruiting software.

  13. SmartRecruiters: Offers holistic services for applicant tracking, business goals, and marketing strategies on a global scale.

  14. PeopleFluent: Provides SaaS technology for hiring, motivating, advancing, and retaining employees, benefiting strategic decision-making.

  15. iCIMS Talent Cloud Software: An end-to-end talent acquisition platform with user-friendly cloud-based technology.

  16. SnapHire: Provides recruitment and hiring solutions tailored to the needs of growing companies, with intuitive applications and tools.

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