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To stop fentanyl deaths in Philly, knocking on doors and handing out overdose kits

In North Philadelphia, a citywide initiative aims to equip households with naloxone and other overdose prevention supplies through door-to-door outreach. Led by part-time city workers and volunteers, the program targets neighborhoods heavily affected by the opioid crisis, particularly Black and brown communities. The initiative seeks to normalize naloxone as a household item and raise awareness about overdoses beyond Kensington, the city's epicenter of addiction. Click here for article.

  • Philadelphia's citywide initiative conducts door-to-door outreach to provide naloxone and overdose prevention supplies to households.

  • The program targets neighborhoods with escalating rates of opioid overdoses, particularly Black and brown communities, aiming to normalize naloxone use.

  • Led by part-time city workers and volunteers, the initiative seeks to address widening racial disparities in overdose deaths and combat the long-term consequences of the War on Drugs.

  • Funded in part by opioid lawsuit settlements, the initiative aims to reach over 100,000 doors in overdose "hotspots" across Philadelphia, bringing awareness and prevention supplies to residents.

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