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Thinking green: How to build an eco-friendly office space

The 2022 Australian federal election put climate change in the spotlight, with voters urging prioritization of the environment. Dr. Subha Parida, a human resources expert, suggests that going green not only mitigates climate change but also helps employees return to the office in a pandemic era. Green HRM fosters eco-friendly behaviors, leading to benefits like higher job satisfaction and productivity. Green buildings improve employee well-being, but training and support are essential for optimal performance. Click here for article.

Here are some tips for building an eco- friendly workspace:

  • Promote green challenges with incentives for sustainable practices.

  • Conserve energy by using motion detectors and turning off lights when not in use.

  • Compost food waste or donate it to local farms.

  • Use green cleaning products to reduce toxic waste and improve indoor air quality.

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