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The Pandemic Proved Hospitals Can Deliver Care To Seriously Ill Patients At Home

Hospital care at home is becoming more common in the US, offering patients with serious health conditions treatment in their own homes. Patients receive comprehensive care, including virtual monitoring and in-person visits, with studies suggesting better outcomes and lower costs compared to traditional hospital care. The model, expanded during the pandemic, is supported by technology and Medicare billing, with health systems investing in its expansion.

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  • Shift to home-based care: Health systems are increasingly offering hospital-level treatment at home for patients with serious health conditions, including COVID-19.

  • Comprehensive care: Patients receive regular virtual monitoring, supplemented by in-person visits from nurses, ensuring high-quality care.

  • Better outcomes, lower costs: Studies indicate improved patient outcomes and reduced costs compared to traditional inpatient care.

  • Support from technology: Technology infrastructure, including videoconferencing and wearable devices, enables effective monitoring and communication between patients and healthcare providers.

  • Expansion and investment: The model has expanded nationwide, supported by Medicare billing, and is being invested in by health systems like Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente, indicating a growing trend towards hospital care at home.

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