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The Affordable Care Act Can Help Au Pairs Avoid Medical Debt

Updated: Apr 30

In 2016, Isis Mabel, a young woman from Mexico, came to the United States as an au pair to improve her English. She enrolled with an agency, paying fees for health insurance, but later faced substantial medical bills as her coverage did not include necessary services. Click here for article.

  • Isis Mabel's experience highlights the inadequate health coverage provided to many au pairs in the United States.

  • Au pair agencies often fail to inform au pairs about their eligibility for comprehensive coverage through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

  • This lack of awareness leaves au pairs vulnerable to unexpected medical expenses, as their agency-provided insurance may not cover essential services.

  • The financial burdens and challenges faced by au pairs like Mabel and Weinbach underscore the need for better regulation and support within the au pair program.

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