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The 2022 Identity of HR Survey

The HR profession has seen significant changes during the pandemic, with professionals facing challenges such as talent acquisition, maintaining company culture in a remote work environment, and demonstrating their value to employees and company leadership. HR Dive conducted its second annual Identity of HR Survey to gain insights into these challenges and trends. Click here for article.

Key Findings:

  1. Top Challenges: Talent acquisition and culture emerged as the top challenges for HR professionals. The tight labor market has made hiring difficult, while remote work arrangements have posed challenges for maintaining a positive culture.

  2. Outsourcing: With HR professionals being called upon to serve as strategic partners, many have turned to outsourcing payroll and benefits administration to focus on strategic initiatives. The use of vendors for HR functions has increased, possibly due to challenges in hiring HR professionals directly.

  3. PR Problem: Despite their strategic importance, HR professionals still face a perception problem. The survey results show that HR has struggled to demonstrate its value, with slight improvements in how employees view HR but slightly less appreciation from company leadership. HR may need to improve communication and storytelling to address this issue and highlight its role as a guide for employees and employers.

  4. Actionable Insights: Experts suggest that HR professionals focus on improving communication, storytelling, and demonstrating their strategic value to both employees and company leadership. They also recommend leveraging outsourcing where necessary to free up time for strategic initiatives.

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