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Supreme Court Rejects COVID-19 Vaccine Appeals From Nonprofit Founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Supreme Court declined to hear two appeals from Children’s Health Defense, a nonprofit founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., related to COVID-19 vaccines. This decision upholds lower court rulings against the group's objections to vaccine authorization for children and a vaccination requirement at Rutgers University. Click here for article.

  • Supreme Court Decision: The Court chose not to comment on or overturn rulings from federal appeals courts in New Orleans and Philadelphia, which had previously ruled against Children’s Health Defense.

  • Texas Case: Involved objections to FDA authorization of COVID-19 vaccines for children, joined by parents.

  • New Jersey Case: Challenged Rutgers University's vaccine requirement for students attending on-campus courses in 2021, excluding faculty and staff.

  • Ongoing Lawsuit: Children’s Health Defense continues to pursue legal action against news organizations, including The Associated Press, alleging antitrust violations related to coverage of COVID-19 and vaccines, with Kennedy listed as one of its attorneys.

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