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Progressives push controversial proposal on budget reconciliation

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First thing's first: WHAT IS BUDGET RECONCILIATION?? (Here's a brief, but wonky, history)

"Reconciliation" is a process by which the United States Senate can pass legislation without the usually required 60 votes. Reconciliation must involve spending, revenues, and the federal debt limit. If the bill presented falls into this category, the Senate can pass a measure with just 51 votes (this happened most recently with Obamacare and the Trump Tax Cuts).

This law is back in the headlines because Democrats want to see the Senate use Reconciliation to pass the big Covid-19 relief plan. Inside this particular bill are a myriad of totally unrelated measures like a $15/hour minimum wage.

Republicans are generally against this relief plan and prominent Democrats are saying we should skirt the rules that have been in place since the Byrd Amendment (he was a Dem) in 1985.

This is a slippery slope...when the other side gets power again...they can use this precedent to pass legislation unpopular with their contemporaries on the other side of the aisle.

More to come!!

CLICK HERE for full article.

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