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Preparing for the AI Race: Smart Talent Strategies for the Future

Dwayne Allen, CTO of Unisys, emphasizes the need for companies to support and prepare employees to effectively harness Generative AI (Gen AI) in the evolving digital workplace, stressing the importance of training, skill development, and proper infrastructure to fully realize AI's potential and stay competitive. Click here for article.

  • Employee Training and Skill Development: Proper training and upskilling are essential for employees to keep pace with advancements in Gen AI, which is critical for successful AI adoption.

  • AI Investments: Companies are investing in AI for automating tasks and upskilling talent to enhance productivity and competitiveness.

  • Talent Management and AI: AI is being utilized in recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, and managing employee productivity, aiming to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction.

  • Internal Mobility and Continuous Learning: Encouraging internal talent to move towards AI-focused roles and providing continuous learning opportunities can help retain and attract skilled AI professionals.

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