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Over a third of healthcare organizations are unprepared for cyberattacks

Cyberattacks and data breaches in healthcare are increasing, with over 30% of organizations experiencing attacks in the last three years and a significant rise in large breaches involving hacking. Despite the industry's wealth of sensitive digital data, some healthcare operators lack proper encryption measures, leaving them vulnerable to hackers. Federal regulators have introduced voluntary cybersecurity goals, but experts emphasize the need for better preparation, including risk analyses and contingency plans. Click here for article.

  • Frequency of Attacks: More than 30% of healthcare organizations encountered cyberattacks within the past three years, with a notable surge in large breaches linked to hacking over the past five years.

  • Data Encryption: Despite the abundance of sensitive digital data in healthcare, some organizations have not adequately encrypted data at rest or in transit, making the industry an attractive target for hackers.

  • Regulatory Response: Federal regulators have introduced voluntary cybersecurity goals for healthcare, with potential enforceable standards in the future, in response to the increasing number of breaches.

  • Preparation Challenges: A significant portion of healthcare organizations lack adequate preparation for cyberattacks, with 37% lacking a contingency plan, despite half having experienced an attack. Additionally, 55% of medical practices allow excessive employee access to data, increasing the risk of breaches due to human error.

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