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Office Workers: Quietly Changing

Gallup's research reveals that 90% of office workers prefer not to return to the traditional five-day office workweek. While remote work offers convenience, it also brings about mental health challenges and decreased productivity. The key to successful remote work lies in strong leadership and effective hybrid solutions. Click here for article.

  • Employee preference: 90% of office workers prefer a hybrid model over the traditional five-day office workweek.

  • Challenges of remote work: Remote work can lead to mental health issues like loneliness and decreased productivity, as well as detachment from employers.

  • Importance of leadership: Strong leadership is essential for addressing the challenges of remote work effectively and ensuring employee engagement and productivity.

  • Gallup's hybrid solution: Gallup suggests establishing a hybrid model where employees work five full days per week, including three full days in the office. Additionally, investing in manager development for the hybrid workplace is crucial for success.

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