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Medicaid warns 5 states that they've made it too hard for residents to keep coverage

The federal government has issued warnings to five states, including Montana, for making it challenging for people to maintain Medicaid coverage. During the pandemic, Medicaid rolls swelled due to relaxed income verification requirements, but with the expiration of these rules, some states are accused of denying benefits to eligible individuals. Montana, in particular, has faced criticism for long wait times at its Medicaid call center and low rates of reenrolling eligible individuals. Click here for podcast.

  • Five states, including Montana, have received warnings from the federal government for making it difficult for individuals to maintain Medicaid coverage.

  • Montana's Medicaid call center experiences long wait times, leading to high rates of abandoned calls, and the state ranks poorly in reenrolling eligible individuals.

  • Concerns have been raised about states potentially disenrolling eligible individuals, prompting federal intervention and calls for corrective action to ensure access to health coverage.

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