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Latest Employer Information about the evolving rules surrounding Covid-19 and the workplace

As the Coronavirus infections rates drop and vaccination rates increase the one thing that isn't changing is the continuous onslaught of rules, regs and clarifications from the various government agencies.

CLICK HERE for a LOOOONG list of Q&A's related to what you can and can't do as an employer relating to your employees and Covid.

Some of the new Q&A's are:

  • May an employer offer an incentive to an employee in return for an employee’s family member getting vaccinated by the employer or its agent?

  • How should an employer respond to an employee who communicates that he or she is unable to be vaccinated for COVID-19 (or provide documentation or other confirmation of vaccination) because of a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance?

  • Under the ADA, may an employer require a COVID-19 vaccination for all employees entering the workplace, even though it knows that some employees may not get a vaccine because of a disability?

  • How can employers encourage employees and their family members to be vaccinated without violating the EEO laws, especially the ADA and GINA?

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