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It’s Time To Talk Compensation: How To Get Employee Pay Right In 2022

Employee compensation has become increasingly important amid rising wages, record inflation, and low unemployment rates. Talent shortages, the Great Resignation, and pay equity concerns have complicated the landscape, making it crucial for companies to compensate new and existing employees fairly, competitively, and within budget.

To set pay for new hires, companies should determine their pay philosophy (lead, match, or lag the market) and gather market data to establish their pay scale. Regularly reviewing and adjusting compensation is essential to staying competitive.

In addition to traditional raises and bonuses, companies can offer financial incentives and other perks as part of their total rewards strategy. This includes mental health benefits, professional development opportunities, and flexibility in work arrangements.

Providing employees with an annual total rewards statement can help them understand the full value of their compensation and increase appreciation for the organization's investment in their well-being. Click here for article.

Key Points:

Setting Pay for New Hires:

  • Determine pay philosophy (lead, match, or lag the market).

  • Gather market data and establish pay scale.

  • Regularly review and adjust compensation to stay competitive. Keeping Up With the Market:

  • Provide more frequent pay increases or bonuses.

  • Consider financial incentives and other perks.

  • Develop a comprehensive total rewards strategy. Total Rewards Strategy:

  • Offer mental health benefits and well-being support.

  • Invest in professional development and education opportunities.

  • Embrace flexibility in work arrangements. Communicating Total Rewards:

  • Provide employees with an annual total rewards statement.

  • Communicate the significance of total rewards to employees.

  • Ensure that pay is part of the equation while focusing on culture and people.

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