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It’s not about the office, it’s about belonging

The Great Attrition has highlighted concerns among leaders about company culture, connectivity, and cohesion, with over half of employees leaving their jobs due to feeling undervalued, lacking a sense of belonging, or desiring stronger relationships.

Many leaders want employees back in the office to strengthen connectivity and collaboration, but simply returning to the office may not solve the problem and could even backfire.

To address these issues, organizations need to evolve their approach by motivating rather than mandating office attendance, picking up the phone for authentic connections, and creating space with inclusive norms. Click here for article.

  • Motivate more than mandate: Leaders should carefully plan office days with clear objectives and activities that encourage socializing and collaboration, giving employees a reason to want to come in.

  • Pick up the phone: Break through online fatigue by calling team members for authentic check-ins and conversations, fostering person-to-person connections.

  • Create space with inclusive norms: Provide opportunities for all team members to engage in discussions and contribute ideas, such as using round-robin approaches and active chat usage in video conferences.

  • Continuous improvement: It takes time to create inclusive norms, so leaders should track what works and continuously evolve their approach for better team relationships and engagement.

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