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Hybrid work makes employees happier, more loyal, HR leaders say

A recent report from IWG surveyed 500 HR managers and leaders in the US, finding unanimous agreement that hybrid work arrangements lead to happier and more loyal employees. The benefits reported include increased productivity, wellness, mental health, and opportunities for learning and development. Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG, emphasized that hybrid work arrangements are becoming standard practice and essential for attracting top talent. Click here for article.

  • Benefits of Hybrid Work Arrangements:

  • Increased productivity (85%)

  • Improved employee wellness (85%)

  • Enhanced mental health (88%)

  • Optimal environment for learning and development (81%)

  • Leveraging Hybrid Work Arrangements:

  • 92% use hybrid work to recruit new employees.

  • 85% use it to retain talent.

  • 89% believe it helps retain employees who might otherwise leave, such as parents, caregivers, and retirees.

  • Financial Compensation Still Important:

  • Despite the popularity of hybrid work, financial compensation remains a top priority for employees in 2024.

  • CEO's Perspective:

  • Mark Dixon believes hybrid work benefits both employees and employers, offering a balance between work and life that supports wellbeing and helps businesses stay competitive in talent acquisition and retention.

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