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How to Warn Employees About Fraudulent Covid-19 Schemes

In this article you will find an employee ready template to warn your employees about different scams that are infiltrating the country in regards to Covid-19.

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According to the release, scammers offer “COVID-19 tests, HHS grants, and Medicare prescription cards in exchange for personal details, including Medicare information.” HHS is clear that these services aren’t approved and aren’t legitimate. Likewise, the department listed several common COVID-19 scams and frauds. These include:

  1. Offers to individuals to pay out of pocket to get the vaccine

  2. Offers to individuals to pay to put their name on a vaccine waiting list or to get early access to the vaccine

  3. Offers to individuals to purchase vaccination cards

  4. Unsolicited requests for personal, medical, and financial information

  5. Unexpected calls or visitors offering COVID-19 tests or supplies

  6. Unexpected text messages and emails from unknown contacts about COVID-19

  7. Offers for a $200 Medicare prescription card, which do not exist

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