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How This Recruiting Team Stays Motivated — Even During Tough Time

Erin Scruggs, VP of Talent Acquisition at LinkedIn, has effectively maintained high levels of motivation and engagement within her 140-person recruiting team despite challenges like the pandemic and increased workload. Click here for article.

  • Practice Empathy: Encourage open communication and support for team members facing personal challenges, fostering a culture of empathy and mutual assistance.

  • Prioritize Manager Support:Ensure that managers treat recruiters well, allowing them to be human and providing necessary support, especially in high-demand roles.

  • Seek Feedback:Regularly solicit feedback from the team to understand their experiences and challenges, using the insights to make informed adjustments and demonstrate leadership's responsiveness.

  • Invest in Leadership Development:Provide leadership training and resources to managers, promoting continuous improvement in leadership skills and fostering a positive work environment.

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