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Health-Care Collusion Task Force Sets Stage for DOJ Enforcement

The Department of Justice has launched a specialized task force aimed at detecting and addressing collusion and monopolistic practices within the healthcare industry, signaling heightened enforcement actions. This initiative is part of broader efforts by the Biden administration to tackle anticompetitive behaviors and rising healthcare costs. Click here for article.

  1. Task Force Formation: The DOJ's Task Force on Health Care Monopolies and Collusion, launched in May, integrates data scientists, technologists, investigators, and economists to investigate and take swift action against anticompetitive conduct in healthcare markets.

  2. Enforcement Scope: Anticipated enforcement actions include criminal and civil cases, interventions to block anticompetitive mergers and acquisitions, and scrutiny of pricing practices across the healthcare supply chain.

  3. Industry Impact: Investigations are currently focused on major players like UnitedHealth's acquisitions, but all segments of the healthcare industry, including pharmacy benefit managers and smaller providers, face potential scrutiny.

  4. Government Strategy: The task force reflects a coordinated effort across federal agencies (DOJ, FTC, HHS) to enhance competition in healthcare, targeting practices such as algorithmic price-setting, consolidation of payer-provider entities, and opaque billing practices.

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