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Governor Newsom Signs New Executive Order to Guide California’s Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order last week to address Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), emphasizing the need for ethical, transparent, and trustworthy AI development. The order requires multiple California departments to develop a risk assessment report within the next sixty days. Newsom aims to collaborate with leading institutions like UC Berkeley and Stanford to evaluate the state's role as a leader in GenAI and work with legislators on new laws in this field. Click here for article.

  • Executive Order: Governor Newsom's executive order focuses on addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by GenAI. It mandates California departments to conduct risk assessments and proposes collaboration with top academic institutions to shape the state's approach to GenAI.

  • Partnerships: The order seeks partnerships with leading institutions like UC Berkeley and Stanford to evaluate GenAI's implications and potential regulations. This collaboration aims to position California as a leader in the ethical and transparent development of AI technologies.

  • Legislation: Newsom plans to work with legislators to develop new laws related to GenAI. This proactive approach may be unique among states and reflects California's commitment to addressing emerging technology challenges.

  • Implications for Businesses and Employers: While Newsom's initiative demonstrates proactive regulation in the AI field, it also creates potential challenges for businesses and employers. New regulations and laws related to GenAI could pose compliance burdens and legal risks for those operating in California.

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