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Getting Back to Basics: Intermittent FMLA Leave

FMLA is a mandated benefit that, usually, is easy to administer and understand. But, like most things, the devil is in the details.

Details such as: what if the leave is intermittent rather than a continuous block of time?

THIS ARTICLE addresses some of the intermittent leave-related issues employers may face and offers best practices for ensuring compliance with the law.

Our friends from Mintz Law Firm masterfully detail the following best practices of FMLA. Check out full article for all the info.

Best Practices for Management of Intermittent Leave

  1. Have Clear Written Policies and Practices.

  2. Educate, Engage, and Communicate

  3. Be Organized

  4. Train Managers

  5. Treat Employees Taking FMLA Leave the Same as Those Who Take Non-FMLA Leave.

  6. Account for Other State Leave Laws

  7. Consider COVID-19’s Continued Impact

  8. Remember the ADA

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