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Forget ‘Quiet Quitting’. In 2024 Employees Want Employers To ‘Quietly Manage’

The 2023 Digital Work Trends Report, Part 2, highlights the challenges faced by employees in navigating their priorities and productivity at work. Despite efforts by companies to address issues like "quiet quitting" with constant check-ins and long meetings, employees still struggle to understand their priorities. This disconnect between leaders' expectations and employees' needs is affecting productivity and engagement in the workplace. Click here for article.

  • Disconnect Between Expectations and Reality:

  • 34% of employees have to guess their priorities at work, indicating a lack of clarity and alignment with leaders' expectations.

  • Constant check-ins and long meetings aimed at addressing disengagement have not effectively improved productivity or employee satisfaction.

  • Productivity Challenges:

  • Increased meetings have left 45% of employees feeling micromanaged, with no improvement in productivity reported by 45% of respondents.

  • Employees lose between one and two productive hours daily due to unclear priorities (34%) and lack of deadlines (64%).

  • Employee Preferences and Generational Differences:

  • In 2024, employees prioritize clear priorities (42%) and set deadlines (30%) from employers.

  • Millennials are more likely to guess priorities (49%), while Gen Z prefers communication with colleagues (55%).

  • Impact on Business Results:

  • Overloaded employees and unclear priorities lead to decreased productivity and missed deadlines, requiring increased supervision from leaders.

  • Lack of visibility and alignment across teams result in mismatched priorities between employees and leaders.

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