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Focus on making your office a social place: here's why

The pandemic has normalized remote work, but many employees are hesitant to return to the office due to factors like commute distance and cost-saving. However, remote work has negative impacts on well-being, with loneliness being a significant issue, especially for women and young people. To address this, companies can reinvent the office as a social space to encourage employees to return, prioritizing social time with colleagues. Click here for article.

  • Motivating Factors: 85% of employees are willing to return to re-establish team bonds, 84% to socialize with workmates, and 74% if they knew their friends were there.

  • Creating Welcoming Environment: Hosting special events and nurturing programs can make employees feel cared for and foster a sense of community.

  • Promoting Well-being: Offering mindfulness activities and using humor to lighten the atmosphere can enhance the workplace experience and alleviate loneliness.

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