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FDA advises Covid vaccine makers to target KP.2 for fall shots

The FDA has advised drugmakers to update Covid vaccines to target the KP.2 strain, a descendant of the JN.1 variant, in response to the most current data and rising Covid-19 cases. Click here for article.

  • FDA Decision: The FDA recommended updating vaccines to target the KP.2 strain, following an advisory panel's vote for JN.1 or its descendants.

  • Strain Selection Debate: FDA's Dr. Peter Marks preferred a newer strain like KP.2 over JN.1, aligning with the latest data on circulating strains.

  • Current Strains: KP.2 accounts for 22.5% of new U.S. Covid cases, while KP.3 accounts for 25%, with JN.1 largely out of circulation.

  • Production and Distribution: Pfizer, Moderna, and Novavax are producing vaccines, but Novavax will distribute a JN.1 vaccine due to longer production times for protein-based vaccines.

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