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Enrollment is open for ACA health plans. Here's what's to know about choosing one

As open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace begins, millions of Americans face the task of comparing benefits and prices to select a suitable health insurance plan for the coming year. With enhanced subsidies still available and millions losing Medicaid coverage, this enrollment period could see a surge in signups. However, consumers need to be aware of changes in premiums, networks, and subsidies to make informed decisions about their coverage. Click here for article.

  • Enhanced subsidies and Medicaid losses may lead to increased ACA enrollment this year.

  • Brokers now require consumers to certify their agreement for assistance, potentially causing delays in the enrollment process.

  • Premiums are fluctuating, and shopping around may help find a plan with lower costs or better benefits.

  • Most ACA enrollees qualify for reduced deductibles and copays, with automatic switching to silver plans for eligible individuals and enhanced cost-sharing reduction programs in some states.

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