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Ending Unequal Treatment In The United States Health Care System

More than twenty years after the landmark report "Unequal Treatment," racial and ethnic disparities in the US health care system persist, driven by systemic and structural racism. Click here for article.

  • A recent expert committee report, "Ending Unequal Treatment," highlights minimal progress in eliminating health care inequities and emphasizes the need for a comprehensive national commitment to health equity.

  • The report calls for continuous, data-driven efforts to monitor and address health care inequities, and recommends significant investments in health care delivery reforms and social welfare programs.

  • Despite notable strides from the Affordable Care Act, ongoing challenges include the lack of Medicaid expansion in some states, inequitable funding, and insufficient support for proven health care programs.

  • The report emphasizes the importance of community-engaged research, integrated care models, and a diverse health care workforce to achieve optimal health for all individuals.

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