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'Dr. Lisa on the Street' busts health myths and empowers patients

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick, a Black physician, founded Grapevine Health to address healthcare disparities by providing clear, trusted medical information through short videos featuring diverse healthcare professionals. Her journey began with observations of a gap in understanding between patients and providers, particularly among Black Americans. By leveraging her expertise and inspiration from popular media, she aims to bridge this gap and improve health outcomes, especially for marginalized communities. Click here for article.

  • Fitzpatrick's Grapevine Health produces short, accessible videos featuring Black physicians and doctors of color explaining various health topics.

  • Inspired by Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" segment, Fitzpatrick recognized the potential to apply a similar approach to healthcare education, leading to the creation of "Dr. Lisa on the Street."

  • Grapevine Health partners with Medicaid managed-care plans to address systemic issues such as low patient engagement and healthcare disparities, particularly among Black Americans.

  • Despite challenges and skepticism, Fitzpatrick remains committed to demonstrating the effectiveness of Grapevine Health's approach in improving healthcare outcomes for underserved communities.

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