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CDC’s New Relaxed COVID-19 Guidelines and How They Affect the Workplace

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) updated its COVID-19 guidelines on August 11, 2022, shifting focus to avoid severe illness rather than preventing transmission altogether. While many recommendations remain the same, there are notable changes that California employers should consider (Click here for article) :

  • The CDC no longer distinguishes between vaccinated and boosted individuals and unvaccinated individuals. State and County guidelines may differ.

  • Six feet of social distancing and isolation after exposure to the virus without symptoms are no longer advised by the CDC. Employees may return to the workplace unless prohibited by company policy or local ordinances.

  • The CDC no longer provides specific recommendations for schools, allowing each school or district to determine rules and guidelines for testing and isolation.

  • Contact tracing recommendations are now limited to high-risk group living areas such as hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons. Regular testing for other situations is deemed unnecessary.

  • Those with COVID-19 symptoms should isolate for at least five days and wear a mask for ten days, with no requirement for a negative test to leave isolation.

  • Individuals with moderate symptoms should isolate for at least ten days instead of the standard five days.

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