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Casual dress codes, informal etiquette may help recruiting and retention

Recent survey results indicate that as hybrid work schedules reshape workplace norms, there's a trend towards more casual dress codes and relaxed workplace etiquette, reflecting changing attitudes among U.S. hiring managers and workers. Click here for article.

  1. Shifting Importance of Dress Codes:

  • Fewer U.S. hiring managers prioritize having a dress code compared to five years ago, with less emphasis on formal attire and mobile device restrictions.

  1. Acceptance of Informal Workplace Etiquette:

  • Workplace etiquette norms have evolved, with many behaviors now deemed acceptable that were previously frowned upon, reflecting a more relaxed work environment.

  1. Continued Importance of Core Values:

  • Despite these shifts, values like punctuality, workspace cleanliness, and respectful communication remain crucial aspects of workplace culture.

  1. Challenges in Workplace Adaptation:

  • Employees and managers alike find it challenging to navigate evolving workplace norms, with uncertainties about what behaviors are acceptable under the new relaxed guidelines.

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