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California promised a higher minimum wage for health care workers. Will Newsom delay it?

California lawmakers announced plans to delay the implementation of the health worker minimum wage law from June 1 to July 1 to align it with the state fiscal year and continue budget discussions. Governor Gavin Newsom, who signed the $25 minimum wage law last fall, seeks the delay due to budget concerns. Health workers and unions are awaiting final decisions while some employers have already started wage increases. Click here for article.

  • Proposed Delay: Lawmakers plan to postpone the health worker minimum wage law by one month to align with the state fiscal year.

  • Governor's Concerns: Newsom supports the delay due to a potential $27.6 billion state budget deficit.

  • Mixed Reactions: Some health workers have begun receiving raises, while others await confirmation.

  • Union Advocacy: SEIU-UHW is campaigning to ensure the wage law is implemented as initially signed.

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