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Biden signs executive order to boost women's health research

President Joe Biden signed an executive order to enhance research on women's health, including setting stronger data standards and announcing over 20 new federal actions, such as a $200 million research investment at the National Institutes of Health. Biden emphasized the need for improved women's health research, criticized opponents of the American Rescue Plan, and reaffirmed his commitment to restoring Roe v. Wade. Click here for article.

Executive Order and Funding:

  • Biden's executive order aims to enhance women's health research and includes over 20 new federal actions.

  • Announced funding includes $200 million for the National Institutes of Health and $100 million for women’s health from First Lady Jill Biden.

Administration Representation and Initiatives:

  • Biden highlighted the unprecedented representation of women in senior positions within his administration.

  • The initiative on women’s health research, launched in November, aims to transform and innovate women's health studies.

Research Focus and Gaps:

  • Despite progress, significant gaps remain in preventing, diagnosing, and treating women's health conditions.

  • Research priorities include diseases affecting women differently than men, like heart disease and Alzheimer’s, and conditions unique to women, such as endometriosis.

Political Context and Reproductive Rights:

  • Biden criticized Republicans for their stance on reproductive rights and highlighted the importance of women’s votes in 2024.

  • He condemned the Supreme Court's 2022 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and pledged to restore it as law.

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