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Biden's Broader Vision For Medicaid Could Include Inmates, Immigrants, New Mothers

The Biden administration is quietly expanding Medicaid, reversing Trump-era policies and aiming to increase protections for low-income Americans. These expansions include coverage for new mothers, inmates, and undocumented immigrants, as well as new Medicaid-funded services like food and housing. The administration is also considering broadening Medicaid eligibility and adding non-traditional services to the program. These moves represent significant shifts in federal health policy, though they may face challenges from Republican critics. Click here for article.

  • Biden's Medicaid expansions, largely funded by the COVID-19 relief bill, include coverage for new mothers and additional services like mobile crisis support for mental health emergencies.

  • The administration is reversing Trump-era policies, such as blocking work requirements and a Texas hospital funding initiative that discouraged Medicaid expansion.

  • Biden supports broader Medicaid eligibility and services, potentially covering non-medical needs like housing, reflecting a growing consensus that such investments can ultimately save money.

  • States are seeking federal approval for initiatives like expanding Medicaid to inmates and undocumented immigrants, with the Biden administration showing more receptiveness to these proposals compared to the Trump administration.

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