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Attracting and Retaining Employees in a Post-Pandemic Workforce

Employers across various sectors are struggling to find qualified workers, a problem exacerbated by persistent labor market tightness and an aging workforce, necessitating proactive strategies in recruitment, training, and retention. Click here for article.

  • Persistent Labor Shortages: Despite increased wages and the end of COVID-era benefits, labor shortages remain, with 91% of small businesses reporting few or no qualified job applicants in April 2024.

  • Focus on Trainable Talent: Employers can address labor shortages by recruiting trainable candidates with basic skills and providing them with the necessary training, often through partnerships with local nonprofits and schools.

  • Build Relationships with Trade Schools: Developing long-term relationships with trade schools and community colleges through job shadowing, on-site training, and networking events can create a sustainable talent pipeline.

  • Teaching Culture and Retention: Establishing a teaching culture within organizations and offering incentives such as employee ownership, profit sharing, and flexible work arrangements can reduce turnover and foster long-term employee commitment.

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