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Applicants hate when job ads lack a salary range or potential for remote work, survey shows

A Robert Half report revealed that over 40% of U.S. workers would lose interest in a job if the ad lacked a salary range, with other deal-breakers including mandatory on-site work, poor company culture, and lengthy interview processes. Click here for article.

  • Job Search Deal-Breakers: Key factors deterring job seekers include the absence of a salary range, mandatory on-site work, lack of company culture emphasis, and long interview processes.

  • Worker Preferences: High job satisfaction is driven by competitive salaries, flexible work locations and schedules, fair workloads, positive work culture, and supportive management.

  • Pay Transparency: Increased pay transparency can help level the playing field, particularly benefiting women and people of color in salary negotiations.

  • Remote Work Appeal: Remote work opportunities are especially appealing to women, aiding in job retention and reducing employment gaps for mothers.

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