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Addressing AI Risk with Sweeping Consumer Protection Law

On May 17, 2024, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed SB 24-205 into law, addressing consumer protections against algorithmic discrimination in AI systems, effective February 1, 2026, with recommendations for further refinement and potential federal oversight. Click here for article.

  • Scope and Timing: The law, effective February 2026, aims to prevent algorithmic discrimination in significant decisions, such as healthcare and employment.

  • Developers' Duties: Developers must disclose AI system risks, usage purposes, data governance, and performance metrics, ensuring transparency and accountability.

  • Deployers' Duties: Deployers are required to implement risk management policies, conduct annual impact assessments, and notify consumers about high-risk AI system usage.

  • State vs. Federal Regulation: Governor Polis and lawmakers suggest refining the law and considering federal regulation to balance consumer protection and innovation.

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