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According to a Payscale report, about half of employers consider worker location when making pay decisions.

According to Payscale’s 2024 Compensation Best Practices Report, roughly half of employers base pay on market pricing for their office locations, with remote and hybrid work arrangements still prevalent. The report highlights shifts towards skill-based pay strategies and decreasing emphasis on educational qualifications for salaried roles. Click here for article.

  • Location-Based Pay: About 50% of employers use market pricing for locations where they have offices, while 23% use geographic differentials or pay zones.

  • Work Arrangements: Most employees live within a commutable distance and have hybrid or in-office work arrangements despite ongoing debates about remote work.

  • Skills-Based Pay: Over one-third of organizations no longer require a degree for salaried positions, and 45% do not consider education as a compensable factor.

  • Compensation Challenges: Key compensation issues include managing pay increases, rewarding performance, and maximizing budgets, with larger organizations more likely to have dedicated compensation resources.

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