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10 Recruiting Metrics You Should Know About

Recruitment is a critical process for every company, and modern technology has made data-driven recruitment more prevalent. Recruiting metrics, also known as staffing metrics, help recruiters track and optimize the hiring process. In this article, we'll discuss the top ten hiring metrics every recruiter should focus on to ensure successful hiring. Click here for article.

Top Ten Hiring Metrics:

  1. Application Completion Rate: Tracks how smoothly candidates complete the application process, indicating the effectiveness of the hiring process.

  2. Time to Hire: Measures the time taken to hire a candidate, highlighting the efficiency of the recruiting team and process.

  3. Source of Hire: Identifies where job applications originate from, allowing recruiters to focus on the most effective channels for sourcing candidates.

  4. Cost Per Hire: Calculates the total cost incurred to fill a position, including internal and external expenses.

  5. Time to Fill: Measures the time between posting a job and hiring a candidate, providing insights into the efficiency of the hiring process.

  6. Diversity and Relevancy of Candidates Applying: Assesses the diversity and relevance of candidates applying for open positions, crucial for creating inclusive and effective teams.

  7. Candidates Applying per Opening: Determines the number of applicants for each job opening, indicating the effectiveness of job postings and platforms used for recruitment.

  8. Offer Acceptance Rate: Measures the percentage of job offers accepted by candidates, reflecting the attractiveness of the company as an employer.

  9. Recruiter and Hiring Manager Happiness: Evaluates the satisfaction levels of recruiters and hiring managers, crucial for improving the recruitment process and employee experience.

  10. Attrition Rate: Tracks the rate at which employees leave the company, highlighting potential issues in the hiring and onboarding processes.

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