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Lessons from Germany to help solve the U.S. medical debt crisis

In Püttlingen, Germany, the closure of coal mines left a legacy of health issues among residents, including lung diseases and chronic pain. However, unlike in West Virginia, medical debt is rare in the Saarland region due to Germany's strict limits on out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare. Click here for article.

  • The Saarland's residents benefit from affordable healthcare with minimal out-of-pocket costs, ensuring access to necessary medical treatment.

  • Germany's healthcare system, which relies on private doctors and insurers, includes regulations that prevent patients from facing substantial medical bills.

  • Despite economic challenges in the Saarland, access to affordable healthcare has helped the region recover by providing security and peace of mind to residents.

  • The absence of medical debt in the Saarland contrasts sharply with the situation in West Virginia, where high deductibles and medical expenses contribute to significant financial burdens for residents.

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