First and foremost in employee benefits, is finding a broker that not only has a grasp on his or her industry, but can also communicate effectively with both employers and employees to understand their needs. An insurance agent is licensed to sell insurance products in your state and holds errors & omissions insurance to protect the consumer against any unforeseen mistakes.

We at Hammett Health take very seriously our role in the healthcare delivery system, we understand that our clients and their many employees look for us to educate and advocate on their behalf. Because of this we take a hands on approach to our employee benefits strategy. This requires more time and effort from us, but in the long run we all benefit from a more educated workforce. This level of service guarantees that your employee population has fewer questions about their benefits, HR has more time on their hands, and the executive management team has one less issue to deal with over the course of the year.

Our focus is to expertly engage employers & employees, so they make educated insurance enrollment decisions. Employee engagement also allows us a chance to alter high risk lifestyle choices that ultimately lead to higher healthcare costs. Attention is given to holding the employee accountable for the all the benefit decisions they make… from which health plan they choose all the way to the role they play in the overall health of the group health plan.

HHIS will develop a strategy based on the health of the employees so our value proposition to prospects is that we work on improving the health of their employees which leads to less absenteeism, higher productivity, happier employees, better retention and ultimately lower rate increases at renewal due to all the aforementioned benefits.


Healthcare Reform has completely changed the world of insurance. We conduct regular public and private meetings to help business owners as well as individuals and seniors on what the changes mean to them.


We understand how complicated insurance can be, so we make a point of breaking down the language so that our clients can fully understand the plans they are enrolling in.

Interactive Process

Hammett Health will always partner with our clients to understand needs and budget. Clients will always be an active part of the insurance buying process. We will sift through the hundreds of options and present the most competitive plans based on Your Specific Needs.


As important as the Education, Simplification and Interactivity of the sales process is, Communication is by far the most important. An effective communication strategy is at the core of what we do. We want all employees to understand exactly what their options are and exactly what the benefits mean. Hammett Health’s contact information is always provided to allow employee questions to be directed to us, as opposed to the HR department. This simple step helps to increase the productivity of not only HR but also your employees.

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“From Day one Bill and his staff have treated each of my employees like they were an individual client going so far as to contact doctors and insurance companies to advocate on our behalf. His expertise and professionalism are second to none…I have already referred him to a number of my colleagues.”